Who is Norma's

Norma's started early 2020 during our fisrt lockdown, I'm a photographer but unfortunatly with the pandemic I was no longer able to shoot at home, and all of my booked weddings have been moved right up to 2023. Even when restristions lifted, due to family priorities I could not start shooting anytime soon.  


So what could I do......


I'm a wife of a fisherman and mum of 2 boys,  I have Nuff guns, cars, superheros and fortnite, minecraft you name it along with lots of fishing stuff all around me, so I needed to do something girly, something pretty something for me..

If one of our boys was a girl she would have been called Norma as I love Marilyn Monroe and plus i'm well passed my used by date, Norma 's has become by little business baby, its girly, and pretty.

All things flowery has always been something I have loved to do so there was no better time to start and  has definitely taken over my photography.

I work from my home workshop, which gives me flexibility with my two boys and two Golden doodles. 

I have worked by behind off this past year and can offer

Funeral tributes

Wedding Flowers

Gift Hat Boxes

Pretty much anything Flowery


I won runner up at the Kent Woman in Business Awards 2021in the Home based business category, which is an amazing achievement for only starting my business in 2020.

Runner Up Kelly at Kent Woman in Business Awards 2021