The Longest Month Ever...

Are we still in January, I can't help but think did we start this month 100 weeks ago... it's so long. How many of us have stuck to our New Years resolution and how many of us have given up... I had given up but have started again, I've joined slimming world for the 10th time in 5 years, this time I will stick to it, I need to shift at least 2 stone of lock down weight.

This week has been super busy for Norma's lots of celebration flowers headed out of the workshop along with a few funeral tributes including these two beautiful wreaths.

We must not forget Valentines is in a few weeks, so if you haven't already add your partners to my facebook page or drop hints of my website, so they head to me for your beautiful valentines flowers, your know your be getting top quality, long lasting flowers from Norma's.

Did you know Norma's do Subscription Flowers.

I have changed it a little so it is only monthly now and you're get a medium bouquet for £30.00, with free delivery, and I shall be seeking a few little suprise free gifts in along your subscription journey.

I hope everyone has an amazing week ahead, and don't forget Norma's here for all your flower orders, even very last minute orders we will be here to for fill them.

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