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Subscription Flowers


All You Need To Know

Subscription Flowers are sent out on the 5th of each month.

Your flowers will be Normas sessional choice and each month will be different.

Three months minimum subscription, for only £30.00 per month.

You will receive a free ECO vase with your first order, along with a few surprise gifts along the way, all from a local business. 

February gift hint... Yummy you are so sweet!!!

March gift hint... Smells so Spanish!!!

April gift hint... Maymoon surprise!!!

Free ECO Vase
made from 100% Recycled Glass

Inside Februarys Subscription Box

Feburarys Subscription box-3.jpg
Feburarys Subscription box.jpg

Norma's Fresh Flowers, Norma's hand made Soy Candle and Sweets from Shems Smashing Sweets

Feburarys Subscription box-2.jpg

Inside Marches Subscription Box

March Subscription Box-3.jpg

Norma's Fresh Flowers,


Lexbuild ltd fragrance spray, making your home smell like summer. 


Sweets from Shems Smashing Sweets

March Subscription Box-2.jpg
March Subscription Box.jpg

What will be insides April's?????